In a mystery series that started with The Last Call several years ago, Bill Travis has been known to get involved one way or another in some very strange situations. Often he gets into cases where one can almost hear the Twilight Zone theme music playing in the background. Such is the case here with the Ghost of the Karankawa.

Bill Travis handles money and Evanston Cooper is one of his clients. At least he was until he pulled most of the money awhile back. Now Evanston wants to pay Travis to go from Austin down to the small and isolated town of Anahuac and see Evanston’s sister, Catherine. She thinks a ghost is going around there murdering people. Anahuac is located on the north side of Galveston Bay and, because of the murdering ghost, his sister is threatening to leave town. Evanston is afraid she might come to Austin and he does not want her anywhere around him or any closer to Austin than she is now. To keep her down there he is willing to throw money at the problem by hiring Bill. All Bill Travis has to do for the money is drive down there and calm Evanston’s sister down.

After enlisting Bill’s wife, Julie, into the deal, Bill is forced to agree to do as Evanston asks. Before long and with the kids safely accounted for, Julie, Bill and their dog, Franklin, are taking a road trip south to Anahuac. After all, just because Bill has turned fifty and is contemplating what that means, it does not mean one should ignore a scream in the night, a mummified body, and one heck of a road trip without the kids.

Ghost of the Karankawa: A Bill Travis Mystery is the tenth book in this long running series. As such the characters of Bill Travis, and his wife, Julie as well as other regulars in the series were fleshed out long ago. The focus is on the mystery, Texas history and legends, and things that go bump in them night as they often are in this series. As one expects, author George Wier again strains reader suspension of disbelief at a couple of points, but the read is very well worth it.

The e-book also includes the entertaining short story The Woodsman as it plays a key role in the novel.

Ghost of the Karankawa: A Bill Travis Mystery
George Wier
Flagstone Books
November 2014
E-Book (paperback available)
154 Pages

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