NOVEMBER 2, 2015


DISPATCHER:  911, what is your emergency?

CALLER: Oh, God. I heard a scream and looked out the window. A man is trying to stab a woman. They’re in the alley behind my house, a little way up the alley.

DISPATCHER: You can see this happening right now, ma’am?

CALLER: Yes, he’s going to stab her!

DISPATCHER: What is your address?

CALLER: 437 Blomford Court. Hurry!

DISPATCHER: Stay inside your home, ma’am. Are you calling from inside your home?


DISPATCHER: And are you calling on a cell phone, not your home phone?

CALLER: Yes! Where are the police? I can hear her screaming again!

DISPATCHER: Police and paramedics are responding. Please confirm the spelling of your street.

CALLER: B – L – O – Oh God! Oh Hell! He’s stabbing her! Stabbing her right now!

DISPATCHER: Ma’am, please remain calm.

CALLER: O – M – F – Effing God, effing Hell! She’s screaming! No, no, no!


CALLER: M – F – O – D. 437 Blomfo…Oh, effing Hell! He stabbed her again! They’re in the alley, in the back! Help her for God’s sake!

DISPATCHER: Police and paramedics are on the way. Can you describe the man?

CALLER: No, he’s a shadow! Nothing but a shadow!

[AUDIBLE ON RECORDING: Gasping. Heavy breathing.]

DISPATCHER: Are you okay, ma’am?

CALLER: My medication, my medication makes me dizzy. I’m scared. I can’t see now. Oh! She just fell! She fell onto the ground!

DISPATCHER: What medication did you take, ma’am?

CALLER: From the doctor. To help me get better. Oh, God! He’s leaving. He’s going away. Is she dead?

DISPATCHER: Police and paramedics are almost there. Can you describe the man now, can you see him now?

CALLER: No, he’s only a shadow. He’s nothing but a shadow in the alley!

[AUDIBLE ON RECORDING: Gasping. Heavy breathing.]

DISPATCHER: Did you consume any alcohol with your medication tonight, ma’am?

CALLER: Why? Why? Why? Just wine. Oh, effing…oh, help her, please. She’s dead now isn’t she? Oh, my God.

DISPATCHER: Ma’am, police and paramedics have arrived at your location. Officers are entering the alley from the North. Can you see them?

CALLER: I don’t know. Which way is North, up or down?

DISPATCHER: They are entering the alley from the North.

CALLER: Are they coming up the alley or down the alley? Nobody’s there. No police. Nothing but shadows.


CALLER: She moved! She moved! She’s still alive, oh my God, oh my God!

DISPATCHER: Ma’am, the officers are reporting there is nobody in the alley.

CALLER: No, no, no! I can see her! I can see her!

DISPATCHER: Ma’am, I am directing the paramedics and police to assist you and get further information from you. I need your name and I will confirm your address again, slowly.

CALLER: Help her not me! Oh, my effing God. She’s going to die, isn’t she? She’s going to die but nobody’s there, no police.

DISPATCHER: Ma’am your address is 437 Bloomfield Street? Bee-Ell-Oh-Oh-Emm-Eff-Eye-Eee-Ell-Dee.

[AUDIBLE ON RECORDING: Gasping. Crying. Click and dial tone.]

DISPATCHER: Ma’am, are you there?


DISPATCHER: Officers, please stand by. The caller has terminated. I am auto-dialing to reconnect the call and confirm the caller’s location for your assistance and investigation.

[AUDIBLE ON RECORDING: Phone ringing. Click and dial tone.]

DISPATCHER: Officers, be advised. I cannot reach the caller. Call terminated. Officers, please confirm your location.

RESPONDING OFFICER: 437 Bloomfield Street. There is no emergency at our location.

DISPATCHER: Confirmed. No emergency at your location. This is 911 call center, disengaging.


Peter DiChellis writes short mystery and suspense fiction. His sinister tales appear in several anthologies and ezines. He is a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society and an Active member of the Private Eye Writers of America. For more, visit his site Murder and Fries at

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