Monthly Archives: June 2016

Author Reveal for July/Summer 2016 Issue

After careful review, Brandon and I have selected the stories for the Summer Issue of Flash Bang Mysteries, which goes live July 1, 2016. All of the authors have been notified and it’s now time to reveal their identities in a segment we call “Author Reveal”.

So, without further suspense, here’s the line-up of authors and stories for the next issue of Flash Bang Mysteries (arranged alphabetically by title):


DARK HORSE by Nancy Sweetland

DEAR READER by Cynthia St-Pierre

GATEWAY by Stephen D. Rogers

THE PHONE CALL by Herschel Cozine

THE PROFITS OF WAR by Edward W. L. Smith

As always, we appreciate all the submissions and are honored that so many talented writers submit their work for consideration!

The Editors,

BJ and Brandon Bourg