Monthly Archives: October 2020

All good things…

Dear authors and readers,
I’m writing to announce that the October/Fall 2020 Issue of Flash Bang Mysteries will be the last. Although it’s the last issue, it will be just as great as all of the others, as we continue to receive amazing submissions from some of the best writers in the business. For those writers who are wondering, FBM will remain online and accessible well into the future, so the last stories published will get the same visibility as the previously published pieces. (The domain name is set to auto-renew in October, so it will be online for at least another year.)
I want to thank all of the writers who’ve submitted their fine work over the years (hard to believe it’s already been five years), whether we published them or not. The sad fact is we didn’t have enough room for every story, and we’ve had to reject stories we absolutely loved.
It’s been an honor reading all of the great stories submitted and meeting so many amazing authors. This has been a top-notch and award-winning publication, but it had nothing to do with me. It has always been the writers who’ve made this place great.
I want to also thank the readers who have supported this little endeavor by reading the issues and sharing them with friends and family. I’ve said it time and again, and I will say it until I’m gone: writers are nothing without readers. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.
If any of you are wondering why I’m doing this, it’s simply a matter of time–or lack thereof. I recently bought a house and some property in Tellico Plains, TN. While we’ll eventually move there permanently, we’ll be splitting our time between Louisiana and Tennessee for at least a year, and there’s no way I can keep up with everything else going on in my life (all of it good, thank God) and still devote the necessary time to FBM.
My whole purpose for starting this magazine back in October of 2015 was to give back to the writing community. I hope I’ve succeeded in accomplishing that goal.
Take it easy and keep reading and writing!
BJ Bourg