Bounty Hunter Bodie Kendrick normally works alone. But, these are special circumstances in the borderlands of the Arizona territory. Doc Turpin has a considerable reputation as a bounty hunter over in Texas. Bodie Kendrick primarily works in the territories of Arizona and New Mexico. Each has heard of the other over the years so it makes sense to unite in a partnership after their paths cross as a result of the massacre at New Gleanus.

Bodie Kendrick had the misfortune of riding into New Gleanus about an hour after the Harrup brothers along with their cousin Huck Mather and in the company of their new outlaw buddies, the Klegg gang, robbed the local bank. While the robbery of the bank had been accomplished easily and could have led to a clean getaway, they instead went crazy and shot up the town and its citizens. Six were killed, numerous others including women and children were wounded by the shots and/or flying glass as bullets flew everywhere. The destruction of store fronts and property was heavy as were the injuries and deaths. All of it was totally unnecessary and proof that the combined gang had to be stopped at all costs.

Doc Turpin had arrived in town just after Bodie did and also went to work helping out by tending to the wounded, putting out fires, and anything else he could do in the immediate aftermath.  Doc had been chasing Otis Klegg and his gang after their recently botched robbery of a payroll wagon that resulted in the deaths of three guards and the driver. Considering the shape of the town and its citizens, the local posse is not going to get the job done. They may be good at tending a store or running a farm, but these folks are not going to be able to deal with chasing and capturing these hardened and increasingly violent criminals.

After discussing their assessment of the situation, Doc and Bodie agree to form a partnership to go after the violent killers and put an end to their trail of carnage once and for all. That partnership will create an additional mission that will take them across the border into Mexico in Rio Matanza (Bodie Kendrick- Bounty Hunter Book 2).

Following the excellent Hard Trail to Socorro author Wayne D. Dundee has created another complicated western filled with mystery, action, and realistic characters. Plenty is at work here in a tale that spans countries and cultures sure to please those readers that prefer traditional westerns. While one can read Rio Matanza first, it is well worth it to start at the beginning with Hard Trail to Socorro. Both are mighty good westerns from an award winning author.

Rio Matanza (Bodie Kendrick- Bounty Hunter Book 2)
Wayne D. Dundee
Bil-Em-Ri Media
July 2012
E-Book (paperback also available)
232 Pages (estimated)

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